We’re a company that produces big results. Whether it’s shooting a video for distribution to 10 people or staging a multi-day event for thousands, we’ve handled it.

Start with that spark of an idea, and Fogarty Services makes it happen. Some business meetings simply require the hands-on approach we provide for the audiovisual portion of the event. Other meetings incorporate the full-fledged “show” element.

No matter what your project, Fogarty Services offers a fully custom approach. You work with the full production team every step of the way. The team members who help plan your event are the same people on-site to ensure its success.

Company OverviewCompany Overview

Leonhardt Joins Fogarty Services

Fogarty Services announces it has signed an agreement that joins the company with Leonhardt Communications Media Services.


Expert Equipment and
Experts To Run It

Sure, we have the absolute latest and greatest technology to make meetings and events run smoothly, but we take more pride knowing the best people are operating that equipment for you.


The Plot Thickens

Schematics and renderings are part of our workflow.

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