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For pre-produced segments, you’ll find us in the studio, recording audio and video with a cast of professional actors, choreographers and set designers custom for each job. Stand-alone projects have included employee communications, training videos and sales campaign kickoffs.
We can shoot in the studio with the best of them. We also know some things just work better out in the field. So when the need arises, we are there with all the equipment to capture the moment.

During some shows, you’ll see our camera operators in the middle of the action. Usually, it’s for image magnification. Other events send the participants home with instant videos of their experience. Our editors and DVD duplicators will stay up all night to ensure the show’s trip video goes home with your participants. So, you need 500 copies of the meeting video on DVD within 4 hours of the event finale? No problem. Our team travels with a mobile nonlinear editing suite for those tight deadlines.

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